A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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Much like real ninjas, ninjas are trained to use many weapons and tools. Below is a listing of the common weapons ninjas use on quite possibly a daily basis.

Animals and Insects
Animals are also considered as weapons. Some animals have chemical reactions when fed food pills. Inuzuka Kiba's dog, Akamaru turns red and grows in size when fed! Also, Aburame Shino of the Insect Clan uses his bugs to sap chakra out of his opponents. Sometimes it's so deadly that they can never fight again! The Kuchiyose no Jutsu or The Summoning Technique allows the user to summon animals through the space-time continuum. There are many characters who can summon creatures using the Kuchiyose no Jutsu Gama Sennin technique. This however takes skill, training, and chakra. There have been many summons. Some of the most recognizable ones include: Kakashi Hatake and the Hachininken (8 ninja dogs) with Pakkun being his preferred choice. Maito Guy is able to summon turtles, first completed during the Chuunin Exams. Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) is able to summon Enma (monkey). Tsunade can summon a slug. Jiraiya and Naruto can summon toads. Orochimaru can summon snakes. The summoning technique is a contract between the ninja and the creature, written on a scroll that the ninja has to sign using their own blood, for he or she to be able to summon a particular creature. Even then (as with the situation between Naruto and Gamabunta), the creature is not bound to obey the ninja. It all comes down to trust and strength such as the relationship between Orochimaru and Manda.

Oddly enough, bombs are used in Naruto, but not often. So far there has only been 3 different bombs seen in the series: Smoke, Gas and Light. The smoke bomb is either used as a distraction or an escape tool. The gas bomb is simply a poisonous gas bomb which causes coughing once breathed in. The light bomb is used to blind a person and it was used to blind Tayuya as part of one of Shikamaru's plans.

Chakra Knives
The combination of brass knuckles and a knife can be a deadly weapon to any foe. Chakra extends through the metal of the blade and out the end causing the blade to lengthen. This can act as a surprise to enemies who misjudge the length of the knife and are forced to maneuver unexpectedly to avoid these deadly blades.

Exploding Tags
A commonly used weapon, exploding tags are pieces of paper with the Japanese character "Baku," which means "explode" written on it. These tags can be easily placed on various items and will ignite them and explode after a short amount of time.

Food Pills
You would be surprised to consider this a weapon, but it is. Food pills allow the user to double their chakra and even fight three days non-stop. Also when fed to some animals it creates a chemical reaction. Kabuto, Orochimaru's #1 subordinate has been known to use a blood pill, which regenerates blood lost in battle. The Akimichi Clan (Chouji's family) uses a set of 3 pills that greatly increase the user's abilities and can even change their appearance.

Fuma Shuriken
The fuma shuriken is also known as the windmill shuriken. It is much larger than the normal shuriken and it is also collapsible. Though the accuracy rate is much lower the effects of being hit by a fuma shuriken are far more deadly.

Hatake Family Tanto
Another form of a Chakra blade, this tanto belonged to Kakashi's father Hatake Sakumo, who was known as "Konoha's White Fang." This blade has a unique white chakra that will pour forth from Kakashi and his father while they fight.

Hero Water
This special water is from the Hidden Waterfall and it allows a ninja to have a ten-fold increase in chakra for a short period of time. Also by drinking drops of the water, a ninja from a village can increase his or her fighting ability to compensate for a village's lack of a strong Kage leader. Unfortunately in exchange for this power, the water also eats away your life.

Hidan's 3-Bladed Scythe
The Akatsuki member Hidan uses a large three-bladed scythe which he can throw at his opponents. Using a rope running from his arm to the scythe itself, he can launch the whole thing to give him added speed.

Iron Knuckles
Iron knuckles are pointed knuckle weapons with a blade on the outward facing end. Extremely useful in hand-to-hand combats.

The kunai is a kind of basic dagger that all ninjas use. It is all-purpose and can be used as a throwing knife or to stab at your opponents. It is extremely vital for all ninja to have.

Kurosuki Raiga's Swords
Raiga's swords are used in conjunction with his lightning jutsu. Raiga can build up an electric charge in his swords which he can then fire at his opponents. He can also charge the swords, ram them into the ground, and then send out tendrils of lightning.

Kusanagi (Grasscutter)
The legendary sword Kusanagi is the personal weapon of Orochimaru. When unneeded, the sword is kept within Orochimaru's body. When he wishes to utilize it, he will open his mouth wide and have it extend from his chest cavity through his throat. This sword has the power to extend to any length and the ability to be moved with Orochimaru's hands. Part of the Legend of Kusanagi is that it can control the wind, but that has yet to be seen.

Makibishi are small nails used to attack the opponent with.Just like the Senbon Needles, it does not hit the opponent very often. Some ninjasuse this weapon as a distraction for his/her main attack. Makibishis have 4 pointed spikes and are also used to slow down an opponent. Its shape makes it so at least one point is always facing up.

Zabuza Momochi's Head Cleaving Sword
Zabuza gained this weapon by being a member of the Mist Seven Swordsmen, an elite ninja squad of Hidden Mist village. When Zabuza fled his village, he brought this sword along with him. This sword was eventually obtained by former Suigetsu, who trains in the hopes of one day becoming a Mist Seven member.

Mouth Ember
Combustible mouth ember is hidden inside the mouth of a ninja. To activate it, a ninja must simply bite the ember. Then the ninja can spit out the ember to ignite combustible items.

Nidaime's Raijin Sword
The legendary Raijin (God of Lightning) sword belonged to the Second Hokage. After his death, it remained in Konoha as a legendary artifact. Leaf ninja Aoi convinced Idate to steal the sword, and Aoi then took the weapon to Hidden Rain and defected to their village.

Ninjatos are one sided swords used as the default weapon for ANBU members. They are also used by the samurai body guards of Gatou.

Ointments are simply used as a healing cream or used to relieve pain.

Samehada (Sharkskin)
This sword resembles Zabuza's sword except that along the length of the blade are shark skin scales which serve to rip the flesh from the victim it is turned against. Kisame gained this weapon by being a member of the Mist Seven Swordsmen.

Senbon Needles
Senbon needles, is mainly used for Acupuncture (a form of Chinese healing that includes sticking needles in strategic spots on your body, redirecting ki or your life force so that it balances out). However some ninja, properly trained, can use them as deadly weapons. One of the reasons it is not all that popular is it requires extreme accuracy and speed, fore these are only deadly if they hit a vital area of the body. Masters of the Senbon Needle combat are in a way, masters of illusion. With the right precision and timing, a ninja can throw a Senbon Needle seemingly at a vital target on an ally, but actually missing it by a few inches. This causes the ally to go into a death-like trance in which the ninja will appear dead. Even if the opponents were to take precautions to see if they are really dead.

The shuriken, otherwise known as ninja stars, is a very deadly and commonly used weapon. There are two types of shuriken: the tiny ones which are more smaller and easier to throw, and the fuma Shuriken: a huge shuriken used for fast and easy killing. It is very unwieldy, but if it hits you, you're as good as dead! While the fuma shuriken is preferred by the older and more experienced ninja, some Genin find it easier to use than the regular sized shuriken.

Smoke Grenades
Smoke grenades are simple battles items often used in a fight. To activate a smoke grenade, the top must be pulled off. Once it is pulled off, smokes starts coming out allowing a ninja to maneuver around unseen.

Umbrellas are used by the ninja of the Rain village. These umbrellas are mainly used to conceal thousands of needles which, when the umbrella is thrown into the air spinning, spread out in a rain-like fashion.

Wires are simple thin metal wiring often tied to the kunai or shuriken and thrown to in groups to fasten an enemy to a tree or rock.
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