A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Battle Prep 1

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PostSubject: Battle Prep 1   Battle Prep 1 EmptySat May 26, 2012 9:39 pm

Preparing for Battle

Heavy Armor vs. Light/No Armor (Same thing, basically.)

Heavy Armor > Light Armor

Though the heavy armored warrior (let's just say they're swordsmen for the
sake of my sanity) may be slow in speed, getting hit by his opponent's
blade would be safer...than, lets say, viceversa. With little
protection, the light armored warrior could get his a** kicked if the
slower one is a powerhouse. Sacrifice one element of battle for another

Light Armor > Heavy Armor

Armor made of
light metals or cloth padding. Maybe none at all. Could be the fine
fabric of a hakama or just a normal pair of pants and shirt.

Now on the other hand, a heavy armored person. Too much metal, whether it be
a samurai warsuit or your average medieval knight. Hey, our character
here could be one of those looney coocoos out there in modern times who
has stolen some old armor from a museum.

Speed could be a key element in a battle of uneven strengths. I say 'could' because there are
always people out there who dont plays fights right.

Extra (I was aiming to write two only but this one sparked.)

Power and Intelligence.

You can be a total weakling trapped in any kind of clothing and you'd most
likely end up dead, right? It's always the steriod pumping ultramuscular
heroes, with their nifty armor and weapons, that always win, eh?

If you answered 'yes/right!' to any of those questions, you'll have to really work hard to be acknowledged by others.

If you're weak, you can be smart. Use your brain and terrian to your advantage.

If you're strong, yet dumb as a brick, pray that your opponent has the
same mentallity that you possess. 'cause you're going down, sucka!

Even things out. Well, dont try to play the perfectly lean and booksmart
male/female. If you lack in strength, hit yourself up with brains to
make up for your loss. If you are slow physically, slam them with your
strong swings. Sure, you'll be taking damage, but think about the other
guy. How the hell do you think he's gonna feel with a smashed jaw in the

Well, since people're talking about balance in fights...

Quite a few people think that balance = occasionally taking a hit in fights.
Whilst this is a good way of preventing godmoding, people find a way.
For example: I once RPed with a guy, whose character could cast insanely
powerful magic. I thought this was a bit iffy, but tried to RP with the
guy anyway. Generic battle, he cast spells, I got injured, blahblah.
But when I attack him, sure he takes the hit, and his character is
supposedly injured...yet he still continued to fight as if he was
unscathed, as if he was pretending to be injured.

There are many variations of this. The ones who get injured, but your attacking builds
up their 'rage' and makes them explode and become super powerful, are
one such variation. This slightly ticks me off, since when you mention
it to the person, they normally get very VERY defensive.

And as for power problems...my characters are always very underpowered. Usually get attacked and disabled in some way during fights, or they are knocked out very quickly. But they're normally clumsy idiots anyway. Just like me.

Credit of this Guide goes to one of my old friends...
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Battle Prep 1
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