A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Umi Fuyuki

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PostSubject: Umi Fuyuki   Tue May 29, 2012 3:44 pm

Umi Fuyuki

Doesn't play well with others

Character Age: 18
Character DOB: 8-14
Gender: Female
Family: The only family I need is Mr.Truffles!
Orientation: I don't even care
Race: Human

Village Born:Hokorigakure
Current Village:Tsunamigakure
Clan: None

Weapons: Basic Ninja Tools
Summoning: Mr. Truffles!
Element: Fire Earth
Chakra Color: Lavender
Special Jutsus:
Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique
The user expels a large amount of lava from their mouth, which quickly solidifies into multiple boulders of molten rock that are fired towards the target with tremendous force. Due to their composition, the boulders can melt through most objects with ease, and because a considerable number are dispersed over a wide range in quick succession, they are also difficult to avoid.

Lava Release: Lava Globs
The user releases several globs of lava of various sizes at the target. The technique can also be manipulated to block doors and narrow exits using the hardening process of lava to prevent a target from escaping.

Lava Release: Rubber Wall
The user creates an enormous torrent of lava from the ground directly in front of them, which then forms into a wall possessing immense durability due to its rubbery consistency that allows the material to deform when attacked, meaning it can both absorb and dissipate the force behind a blow rather than just simply obstruct it. This technique can also be used to provide reinforcement to a pre-existing barrier.

Beast Human Clone
A modified version/mix of the Transformation Technique and clone technique, which is unique to the animal ninja, allows a animal-user to transform their animal companion into a perfect copy of themselves. When combined with the Four Legs Technique, the user and the animal become virtually impossible to tell apart, since both act equally animalistic. Like any transformation, the technique can be broken by identifying and attacking the animal, thus dispelling the transformation.

Passing Fang
The user spins at a ferocious speed and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. The damage it can inflict on a human target can be extremely damaging, as it can readily tear through thick tree branches and chakra reinforced earth wall; all of which with a radius thicker than the user itself.
Kekkai Genkai: Lava Release

Likes: Bunnies!
Dislikes: I dunno...
Childhood Arc
Being the only female child in a large family, Umi was often complimented for ever single little thing. She was taught the basic jutsus by her father and was raised as a lady by her mother. Due to this lifestyle she grew up very introverted and shy. Only opening up to specific people.

She was known to be quiet in class and didn't get along well with others for her anti-social attitude. She wasn't good at making friends with younger children, but was fine talking to adults. She finally spread her wings and made her first pair of friends in the academy.
Her grades weren't that good, but they weren't that bad either. Needless to say they were pretty average in all ways except knowledge. She was very book smart. She finally got better at ninjutsu and was finally able to make her first clone.

As a genin, Umi improved her skills well. She was rather excited at her new independent life as a genin. When she graduated her mother gave her the family companion summoning ritual. Each person in her family always ended up with a diffrent animal but she was special in the case of getting a bunny with white fur. During her academy days she had learned a fair amount of jutsu related to her affinity. As her father would teach her these things as early as she could talk. Training with her bunny known as
Mr. Truffles! would prove to be more difficult because they didn't see eye to eye at first. Her mother pressured her to do better and it wasn't until her first chunin exam that Mr. Truffles! changed his mind about her. After failing her first exam she would go through two more and failing those as well she was forced to stop living with her parents. Now faced with ninja life, missions, and her parents forcing her out of the nest, her pressure leaves her more scared than ever. This does not stop her from keeping a smile on her face, as she knows no matter what happens she has to keep pushing.

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Umi Fuyuki
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