A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Ouran Airi

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Ouran Airi
Ouran Airi 320192L-2

Character Age: Nineteen
Character DOB: August 8
Gender: Female
Family: Clan was deceased
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Human (Spirit Release)

Village Born: Tsurīgakure
Current Village: Tsuchigakure
Clan: Airi

Weapons: Silver Scythe
Summoning: Kirasu
Element: Spirit and Chakra
Chakra Color:Shimmering white (tint of mint)
Special Jutsus:
Spirit Release: Sōru o hanareru
Ouran is allowed to leave her body as a spirit form, when she steps out of her body it leaves the human body unconcious. Her form has no colour and is only white and almost shimmery like her chakra colour.

Spirit Release: Dopperugengāsouru
Ouran uses this genjutsu to make one clone made from her chakra, the clone looks simliar to her spirit form. The actions and speech copys Ouran as she does it.

Spirit Release: Chō no odori
Small white spirit butterflies act as small bombs that explode when they land on others.

Spirit Release: Hīringutatchi
Laying a hand on a person will transfer her chakra to the other healing their wounds, this does not work on herself and will only work if the other being allows it to.

Spirit Release: Mujitsu no honō
Small white flames appear at the end of Ouran's finger tips, allowing whatever she touches to engulf in white chakra flames.

Spirit Release: Inosento· hāto
Ouran's heart is basically a chakra and spirit cage. All the spirit she absorbs from her summon Kirasu keeps gaining as she grows stronger. When she bleeds her blood will allow things to grow and strengthen, giving it chakra.

Spirit Release: Shattered Feathers Illusion
This jutsu surrounds the apponent in white feathers causing them to fall asleep for a short period of time. During this process their chakra is drained from them.

Kekkai Genkai:
Spirit Release:
Spirit release is simliar to the Yin release except that the user of spirit release can only have this kekkei genkai when she or he has a contact with a spirit beast. The release allows the user to use special jutsu's allowing the user to mould and physically touch spirit and chakra.

Likes: Kirasu, Making others Happy, Flowers, Hot Springs, Kimono's, Sweet Tea
Dislikes: Death, Anger, Smoking, her sickness

Ouran was born into the Airi clan, in a quiet unknown village where most of the clan practiced Yin and Yang release. Her birth was said to be an Omen because of a white birth mark of a crescent moon on her shoulder. It was said the one to inherit the birthmark would be destined to do great things. Ouran's parents didn't let it get to their heads though and kept their daughter happy for the many years they were healthy and living...

One day while Ouran was out picking herbs for her mother's medicines the whole clan had been murdered by a rival clan that sought out to kill the Airi Clan because of their attatchment to the spirit beast Kirasu, who was very powerful. Devestated Ouran was left alone at a young age. Scared she looked around everywhere for anyone left but she had been the only one.

Then a bright light came into view, confused and scared Ouran didn't know whether to run or not but she had no one else so she stayed. Watching she could see the most beautiful beast of the myths. Many people had spoken highly of the beast that had looked over their clan and now here he was infront of the last standing Airi.

He wanted her to become his host, to help her restore her clan and become a great shinobi. Granting her a new release that wasn't ever heard of before she gladly looked up to him considering he was all she had. Guiding her, he showed her the village she would be resting in for quite some time.

It wasn't a big village but rumours around the village had went around about Ouran being from a murdered clan and that she should die with them. Scared she ran again after six years of living there and finally found herself in the village of Tsuchigakure where she would start her life.

Ouran Airi Stickers_d455b8bac9e6d2ca20758efd4654553b

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Ouran Airi
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