A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Kairu Yoguruto

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PostSubject: Kairu Yoguruto   Kairu Yoguruto EmptyTue May 29, 2012 10:44 pm

Character: Kairu Yoguruto
Character Age: 17
Character DOB: 9/17
Gender: Male
Family: Father (Arachi Yoguruto) Mother (dead) (Attaka Yoguruto)
Orientation: Likes women (straight)
Race: Human
Village Born: Tsunamigakure
Current Village: Hokorigakure
Clan: Yoguruto Clan
Rank: Genin
Weapons: Sword named echo.
Summoning: Cow
Element: Wind
Special Jutsus: Vibration style- Sound wave (causes load explosive noise throwing the enemy, must be charged to use, can only be used once per fight because it injures kairu)
Kekkai Genkai: none but can enter vibration mode where he can use sound vibration to find an enemy sort of a kekkai genkai but weaker.
Chakra Color: sadly, Light Pink
Likes: Onigari, fruit, and silence.
Dislikes: haters, cherries, and idiots
Biography: Mother died when he was 14 has caused him to be more of a silent type unless pravoked or angered. His father is an anbu and Kairu hates idiots, loud mouths and men who dont treat women right. His sword he revived after his father left the village. The sword has a special skill that when it hits the ground it causes the ground to vibrate removing all possibilities of balance. When he moved to the sand village he was made fun of for his silentness which caused him to get into a fight with a man 4 years older then him. He spent three months in prison for assumed theft. He wants to one day be a great warrior but he hasn't gone past Genin for 3 years.

Image of character:
Kairu Yoguruto T130339997016fd007b9dd4afccf1563429b1627b7cb1

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Kairu Yoguruto
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