A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Jaden Imori~

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Jaden Imori
Jaden Imori~ Touhou_Project___Yukari_Yakumo_by_ichitakaseto

Character Age:17
Character DOB:11/12
Father- Presumed dead
Uncle- Nando Shebinara
Aunt- Oai Shebinara

Village Born:Unknown
Current Village: (Sukoshi namigakure)
Clan:Baburu-kei clan

Weapons:Shells, and bubble blowers
Element:Water, Earth
Chakra Color:cadet Blue
Special Jutsus: (Water Release: Bubbles Technique + secret jutsu. Secret jutsu is called Shell Jutsu.)

Acid Permeation
blows acid bubbles at his opponent that can burn the opponent when popped.

Bubble Clone Technique
creates a clone of herself by using her Soap Bubble Ninjutsu and his Bubble Blower. When hit, the clone pops like a bubble.

Drowning Bubble Technique
blows her bubble-blower and dozens upon dozens of soap bubbles that vary in size shoot out of its tip. If the technique is used successfully, Her enemies' heads will be trapped in one of the bubbles and they will be subsequently drowned surprisingly fast.

Floating Bubble Technique
creates a single, particularly large bubble with her bubble-blower and quickly jumps inside. Under her command, the bubble will take her wherever she wishes. It's seemingly very capable of both travelling very long distances and floating rather high into the air with no apparent risk of popping.

Protective Bubble Dome
create a dome around herself and her comrades. This dome is shown to be strong enough to resist large explosions.

Blinding Bubbles Technique
blows bubbles, surrounding the opponent's face with them. Once popped, the bubbles creates a puff of red powder that momentarily blinds the opponent.
Kekkai Genkai: (kaigara )

Likes:Chocolate, Bubbles, origami, water
Dislikes:people in pain, mean people

Biography:Jaden was born it to a rich clan but very small and despised clan. When she was born her mother had died in labor with her, but people said that somehow, Jaden had stolen her mothers soul when she was born. She was a cheerful little girl but many people rejected her on several occasions and even didn't want her in the village. They soon plotted to kill her and her father, but her father got wind of it and took Jaden and fled to the forest. They were soon chased by several ninjas. To protect Jaden, Jaden's father put Jaden in a boat and told her to meet him and his brother in the next town. He also used some chakra to make Jaden invisible to any person who ran by her. He told her to go down the river to a village. There he would meet her. She was 5 at that time and now she knows that he was lying to protect her.

From that time, she has lived with her uncle and Aunt.
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Jaden Imori~
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