A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Usagi Kokoro

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Usagi Kokoro Usagi
Usagi Kokoro

Character Age: 24
Character DOB: May 13
Gender: Female
Family: She has forgotten them.
Orientation: She has none.
Race: She is barely human. She is Akuma.
Village Born:Waterfall Village
Current Village:Rouge
Clan:She is the clan.
Weapons:The Sword of Trapped Akuma
Summoning:The Sword of Trapped Akuma
Element: Yin, Yang, Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind (Without the cursed sword she only has Yang)
Chakra Color: Black
Special Jutsus:
Akuma Art:
Sword Transformation
The sword transforms into one of the Akuma that is imprisoned and battles besides the swords host.
Akuma Art:
Host Transformation
The Host transforms into one of the Akuma that is imprisoned and battles as an Akuma
Kekkai Genkai: None
Likes:The Akuma like Nothing.
Dislikes:The Akuma Detest all creation.
Usagi was not born into the village, of ninja. She was born in the waterfall village where ninja were uncommon. She grew up working on a farm, with her mother and father. It was a simple life, and she did not care what the future held, life was simple. One day a voice called out to her, and she followed it. A beautiful, fox stood on top of a tree stump and a young female sat next to it, she was bleeding an injury from battle. The girl told her to stay away, as she quickly stumbled away saying "I will go find help for you" As she turned around the fox was there face to face with her. "That will not be needed... this akuma is weak... but you have the gift... you are one of us... you are akuma!" The Usagi slowly tried to back away, but when she did the fox was staring her down with orange lit eyes. The girl on her deathbed then slowly began to fade away leaving behind only her skeleton. The fox then attacked the Usagi and she blacked out.

Some men dressed in all black came to her aid, and took her away never to be seen again by her family. She was brainwashed retrained in the art of a ninja. Turned into a powerful machine. She had not yet realized she was now one of the Cursed Akuma. When she became a full ninja she was stationed in Tsurigakure, this was not permanent as she was a independent ninja for hire. Only hired for the most dark task, she became an Akuma hunter. Hunting Akuma that were hidden deep within the villages, disguised as humans blending in with the world, she could see there true forms after all. Overtime her Akuma powers grew, it was not until she met another Akuma like her that her world would change again. He made her see her Akuma powers and of the Akuma Fox Sword trapped inside of her. He made her see her family and how she killed them. He made her realize what she had been doing all her life. She ran away, the truth being revealed to her that she had in fact been killing her own kind. She vowed revenge on the world that had tricked her and used her. She has been on a revenge seeking rampage ever since. She advanced to Jonin and soon after went rouge.

Usagi Kokoro Thesword
The Akuma Sword

The sword is an old relic used to trap the souls of Akuma. It was created as a ninja tool a long time ago. As the sword began to fill up it slowly gained a personality. Soon causing it to become overly attached to who ever wields it. It would then force these attachments by influencing its user. Over the years of its existence it has had many host and eventually became a cursed weapon. When the weapon found itself without a wielder it would release the souls it had trapped allowing the beast to roam free and wreak havoc on the ninja world. The souls of course were on a leash controlled by the sword. In order to prevent the chaos of the sword from doing harm a secret organization was formed to follow study and protect the host if things were to go wrong. This was all to be done without the host knowing exactly who this organization was.

Usagi Kokoro Manifestation Usagi Kokoro 80529669 Usagi Kokoro 67240208
The Manifest

The spirits that are trapped inside of the sword often fight for space, over time three dominant spirits have devoured the spirits of every new spirit that enters, depending on the virtue and essence of the akuma that enter. These are also the spirit that the sword sends out when it does not have a host. Each of these spirits were born from a accumulation of souls and thus are not socially fit to communicate with other. Due to them allowing Usagi to be the swords current host, they each have taken personality traits from her inner self that is locked away.

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[color=white][i][size=10]"If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?"[/size][/color][/i]


[color=firebrick]P I E C E[/color] [color=white]B Y[/color][color=firebrick] P I E C E[/color]
[color=black][b]F A L L[/b][/color]
→⊀ Lets see how much you can[color=red] bleed[/color] ⊁←


"This is how an angel cries
I blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby"

Usagi Kokoro CasSig

"Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby"
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Usagi Kokoro
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