A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Battle Advice

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~Battle advice~
For some reason or another, roleplay battles are one
thing that people often find to be quite hard. They take a little bit of
getting used to, but once you've roleplayed a fight a couple of times
and you've gotten used to the way that they work, you'll learn that
roleplay battles are often the most fun part of roleplay that there is!
As with roleplay itself, the best way to learn is to experience it first
hand. However, I'll try my best to explain how it works.

As with
roleplay of any kind, users take it in turns to described their action
and speech. The only difference with battles, really, is that users are
describing their attacks. The more that you can elaborate upon your
attacks, the easier it is for people to roleplay with you; if you say
that you shoot them, it's hard for them to respond. If you said that you
shot them but indicated what gun you used, where you were aiming the
gun and gave a brief idea of what might happen if the bullet hit them
(in case the user is not familiar with guns), then obviously it becomes
easier for the user to reply properly.

Never assume that your
attacks hit the target. If everybody assumed that all of their attacks
went through, then roleplay would be incredibly boring and a lot of
characters would die. A good roleplayer will always leave some way for
their opponent to counter the attack, or at least give them a chance to
do so; unstoppable attacks are seen as 'godmoding' and people will not
want to roleplay with you if you never let them do anything.

a few punches. This is exactly the same as assuming that all of your
attacks hit the target, really; if you avoid all of a user's attacks
then they're not going to want to roleplay with you. Just because you
think that your character should be able to do a backflip or dodge
bullets, or that you think that they would be good ways to get out of
attacks, bear your character in mind, again trying to remember to be
realistic. Just because dodging bullets would get you out of a sticky
situation doesn't mean that you should do it. Rather than trying to
avoid everything, accept the fact that once or twice your character
might get their a** kicked.

Accept defeat. If your character gets
shot in the head at point blank range, or gets a knife through their
heart, accept that your character is dead. Depending on the type of
roleplay it may be possible for your character to be revived later on,
but you shouldn't count on it. Coming back from the dead can be done
well in certain situations, say in a roleplay centering around the use
of magic, but just because you know that your character would be revived
eventually is no need to do it too quickly. What I mean by this is that
if your character dies, don't bring them back to life instantly if at
all. If your character dies, then you've officially lost the fight, too.
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Battle Advice
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