A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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Yuki Kaguya
Yuki 77824811

Character Age: 16
Character DOB: 2/14
Gender: Female
Family: Dead
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Kaguya

Village Born: Tsuchigakure
Current Village: Tsuchigakure
Clan: Kaguya
Rank Genin

Weapons: Her bones
Summoning: None as of yet
Element: Earth
Chakra Color: Dark purple (almost black)
Special Jutsus: The Eight Gates, Her kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai: Shikotsumyaku
The owner of this kekkei genkai has complete control over their skeletal structure and can even grow new bones at will. The can change the density as well, making them strong enough to stand up to even a chakra enhanced blade. If the user chooses to remove a bone from their body, the exit wound quickly heals without any blood loss. The kekkei genkai causes the wielder to have a different internal structure than what is considered normal. Can be difficult for even the best medical ninja to treat their wounds due to lack of knowledge about the anatomy.

Likes: Training, Food, Freaking people out
Dislikes: Losing, Staying still, Sea travel

Biography: Yuki was raised as an orphan. Her parents were both killed on missions when she was very young. Her father figure and teacher has been a strong influence in her life. He taught her everything she knows, maybe a little too much. She didn't show much desire to learn ninjutsu so the two of them focused primarily on taijutsu. She has since become a self proclaimed master. The ninjutsu she does know is centered towards helping her taijutsu. Her favorites of these techniques being shadow clones and the use of her kekkei genkai to form a cage around her and her opponent, forcing them to stay and fight.

She has ungodly amounts of stamina and physical strength due to constant, extreme training. Her speed is up to par with that of a jounin when she has her leg weights on. With them off her movements are near impossible to keep up with unless you are spectating from a fair distance away. Her goal in most fights is to assault her opponent with such ferocity that they don't have time to make hand signs, leaving them at a huge disadvantage.
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