A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Xero Walker

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Xero Walker


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Xero walker

Character Age: 18
Character DOB: 13th July
Gender: Male
Family: None (Father and mother unknown was abandoned as a child)
Orientation: Bisexual (Doesn't act Bi, at all you would think he was totally straight)
Race: Human

Village Born: Unknown (Found on the outskirts of Onmyō no mori)
Current Village: None (Grew up in Sōgakure but left a couple of years ago)
Clan none (NOT on the rouge's side hes just a wanderer!)
Rank Chunin (Waiting to be upgraded to Jounin)
Weapons: Nijato (Short sword), Fukiya (Blow dart gun), kusari-fundo (Chain), Caltrops, kunai, smoke boms
Summoning: Mizuchi (Water Dragon/Snake)
Element: Water/Wind
Chakra Color: ice blue/teal

Special ability: Washigan (Eagle vision) A special technique passed only though bloodline, however this technique is hard to use and Xero had litte control over it, and often suffers horrific pain afterwards. With this he can no only see peoples chakra through buildings or objects but can tell from their chakra signature if they are friend or foe, this means he cannot be deceived by someone in disguise as their chakra gives them away.


Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Using this technique, Xero gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. He then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire.

Water piranha jutsu:
The user sends out large blobs of water that morph into Piranha's their teeth freezing and becoming hard as they attack the target.

Water/ice Prison:
This technique can be used both offensive and defensive, as a defensive technique it can be used as a shield either in liquid form or frozen, as an offensive move the user contains that person in a bubble of water and them freezes it, thus freezing the person inside.

Water Style: Syrup Capture Field
The user projects a stream of sticky, syrupy liquid which can be spit onto a surface to form an adhesive trap or onto a person to inhibit their mobility.
Shadow clone technique - the user makes several solid clones of himself.

Water Style: Tornado of Water
A technique that utilizes water to create a spinning water vortex around the user. The water vortex acts both as a barrier and an attack mechanism. The power of the vortex is enough to knock an opponent unconscious.

Water Release: Tearing Torrent
This technique creates water that spirals in the user's hand which fires at a high speed towards the enemy. The overall amount of water formed is large enough to help extinguish even large-scale fire release techniques.[1] In the anime, it was also shown to be able to be conjured from the surrounding area in the form of a torrential wave.[2]

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
This is a relatively simple technique that creates a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the user. If used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree. The wind from the squall can blow away all things in the user's line of sight.

Wind Release: Gale Palm
A simple technique that when the users hands are clapped together, wind is compressed and transformed into a powerful gale. This technique, when used as an isolated attack has the power to easily knock over a human. Though the true value comes from using it together with projectile weapons like shuriken or kunai. Their speed, power, and ability to wound or even kill are all increased several times.

Wind Release: Pressure Damage
A powerful wind technique in which a tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast sweeps everyone off their feet. If the technique is used by someone who has mastered wind nature transformation, the blast can hit a vast range, inflicting massive damage on both the target and their surroundings.

The Rasengan is a powerful A-rank technique invented by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, which he created by observing the Tailed Beast Ball. Minato spent three years developing the Rasengan; his plan was to take the shape transformation of one's chakra to the "highest possible point" and then combine it with his chakra's nature affinity, creating a technique that did not need the aid of time-consuming hand seals to control. He died before he could accomplish this, but on shape transformation alone, the Rasengan is still a very useful, powerful, versatile, and difficult technique to learn and master.

Typhoon Water Vortex Technique

This combination ninjutsu uses the wild rotation of the Wind Release: Rasengan to swallow up the water current created by the Water Release: Tearing Torrent, creating a large quantity of water vapour. Once invoked, a strong wind whirls around inside the highly concentrated mist, turning it into a solid barrier. The mist created by the violent rotating of the Rasengan also has the effect of taking away the enemy's field of vision. Of course, the mist can be used as a smokescreen when escaping, but the confusion it creates can also be used, for instance, to launch a surprise attack. If one can use multiple natures, it is possible to perform this technique alone.

Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm
This technique creates a cluster of ice needles in the shape of miniature swallows out of preexisting ice, which the user then throws at the opponent. These needles can change direction in midair and will maim the opponent with their sharp wings. This technique can be eliminated by Fire Release techniques.

Ice Disk Technique
This technique turns the moisture particles in the air into an ice disk. They can be hurled with tremendous force at a target and are hard to dodge because of their transparency. The disks can be used defensively, creating highly durable shields or disks to stand on for hovering in the air. They can also be strung together to spy on areas. By forming the ice into a large lens, the user can hover in the sky to focus the rays of the sun into a powerful beam capable of melting and exploding the pinpointed area, but when used in this manner, the beam can be reflected onto the user or anyone else using a reflective surface, as demonstrated by Naruto who reflected the beams created by Renga's technique on Renga himself using his forehead protector.


Dance of the Crescent Moon
The user creates three shadow clones, and each one of them assaults the enemy from a blind spot. The attack occurs on three fronts simultaneously, so it's almost impossible to catch them flat-footed. Furthermore, the mighty attacks are so severe that receiving a blow even from one among the three will inevitably result in a fatal wound. In addition, because of the magnificence this ninjutsu projects as they jump at the opponent's upper body in an orbital pattern, the elegance of which is reminiscent of the shape of a crescent moon.

Flying Swallow
An addition-line ninjutsu that augments the killing power of a blade — like a kunai or sword — by flowing chakra into it. The materialised chakra is shaped like a blade, cutting up everything it touches. It is also possible to alter the attack range of the weapon by adjusting the amount of chakra put into the blade. Seeing through the movements is said to be very difficult.
The density of the chakra is so high it becomes visible. It not only raises the power of the weapon, but simultaneously turns oneself into a blade as well. The chakra-enhanced blades are strong and sharp enough to cut through solid rock and iron. The technique works best with elemental chakra, especially with wind-natured chakra which greatly increases the offensive cutting power.[2]

While not technically a fighting technique he is a master of keeping himself hidden and compressing his chakara to a point where it cannot be sensed by others who do not have extreme sensitivity to chakra, this way he is able to sit and lie in wait for his target for hours on end not moving before strikign a blow whether with a poisoned dart from his blow gun, or strangling his victim with a chain, or killing them with throwing weapons.

Kekkai Genkai: Ice release

Likes: Men, tea, training, fighting, birds of prey, snakes, alcohol, playing pranks
Dislikes: getting caught, hangovers, taking orders from people he doesn't think are 'worthy'

Biography: Xero doesn't remember his parents, hell for all he knows, Xero couldn't even be his real name, all remembers, is that he was left outside the village when he was a baby and was born and raised an orphan, alone, being raised in a militaristic state was tough, and Xero learned quickly he had to fight for everything he had and that included his own strength.

He was raised from being a child to work hard to train to be something strong to fight for his clan, in a sense the village was raising an army, competition to stay on top was tough, and it soon became apparent he had no affinity for Genjutsu at all as he failed to grasp or master a single Genjustu technique during training, however he was prominent and talented in both Taijutsu and Ninjustu to make up for it and thus he amassed an impressive technique set to make up for his lack of Genjustu.

Growing up, Xero had always been the one yearning for the centre of attention, with no parents or siblings, he wanted to be recognised, to be seen by someone; he was often the one that played pranks on people, just so people noticed him. Despite his mischievous behaviour, he worked hard wanting to be accepted by someone, anyone. As the years passed and Xero grew up many of the people he grew up with in the orphanage got adopted but he never did, many teased him, some adults and older children would bully him, beat him and called him a demon child because he had one red eye, he was often beaten and abused,and talked down too, and seen as weak because of his inability to learn genjutsu.

Xero never too the beatings lying down, he always fought back, always trying desperately to prove himself even if he was fighting a losing battle. By the time he was 14 he was living alone and working part time jobs on top of his ninja training to get by and live.

By the time he was 16 he'd had enough of the abuse, of the name calling and the bullying, he was sick of the regime he had lived under all of his life, he had enough of being an outcast and criticized because of his inability to learn Genjutsu, and so he ran away, he is technically a missing Nin but he chooses to wander from place to place being a sword for hire or doing odd jobs to survive, it is hard work but at least its his choice and it's his freedom.

He has never known the love of a parent, there for he's grown up with thick skin, taunts and insults rarely get to him, this means however he is not used to intimacy or any form of physical contact that doesn't involve fighting.
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Xero Walker
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