A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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Norn Svanir
Norn 529_large

Character Age: 42
Character DOB: 2/18
Gender: Male
Family: N/A
Orientation: Straight
Race: Human
Height: 8'3

Village Born: Jikangakure
Current Village: Jikangakure
Clan: Svanir
Rank: Kōrikage

Weapons: -
Summoning: Icebrood (Ice dragon), Kyann - The Spirit animal
Element: Water/Yin
Chakra Color: Azure
Special Jutsus:

Ice Release: Man-Beast Rotation

Cold World Creation

Ice Release: Corruption

Kekkai Genkai:



The Kage of a village lost in time. Once one of the most feared Kage on the continent. Known widely as "The Human Glacier" due to his thick skin, along with continuously producing ice from his body he was seen as invincible. Now a myth.. Or so it seemed. For over a century his village had been frozen within the Chaos Gate. Betrayed by a shinobi long passed, he now awakens to a new world, unaware to what lies beyond the gate.
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