A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Brekke - Peaceful Renegade

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Vashti / Brekke

Vashti / Brekke

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PostSubject: Brekke - Peaceful Renegade   Brekke - Peaceful Renegade EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 2:09 pm

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Brekke - Peaceful Renegade Brekke10

☣Character Age:
1,000+ Years

☣Character DOB:


Unknown (Father)
Briseis (Mother)


Bipedal Humanoid

☣Village Born:

☣Current Village:
N/A - Traveling Abroad




Selune (Hydra)

Brekke - Peaceful Renegade Selune10

Selune hatched in a time and era in which she would have been hunted for sport or killed to prove something. Luckily for her she was found by the least violent individual imaginable who not only protected her but nurtured her. A fact that she has not forgotten though they have been separated by the curse for 100 years, time enough for Selune to grow into her full strength.

Brekke - Peaceful Renegade Leviat10


☣Special Jutsus:
Shadow Imitation Technique
Mystical Palm Technique
Camouflage Technique
Water Walking

☣Kekkai Genkai:
Ice Release: Glacial Shield
Rank: C
Description: Injects a dome-like sheet of ice between herself and her target, thickness of the ice is dependent upon how much chakra is put into it, duration is dependent upon what is brought against it.

Ice Release: Saber’s Edge
Rank: D
Description: Uses the maelstrom of wind to whip around water that rapidly freezes unleashing a barrage of stinging blades of ice.

Water / Ice Release: Illusive Distraction
Rank: C
Description: Fabricates an illusion that reflects off the surface of the water OR the surface of ice.

Water / Ice Release: Hydra’s Fury
Rank: D
Description: A massive torrent of water schisms into ten arcs that freeze into sharp shards of ice as they pelt through the wind towards her target. A higher level of mastery allows the water to diverge into more arcs, freezing faster as it penetrates distance. This offensive skill suffers severe disuse thus its lower level.

☣Chakra Color:
Pale Blue

Dancing, Singing, Artwork, Cooking, Healing, Study, Volunteering

War, Rudeness, Cultural insensitivity

Having been trapped for over a thousand years Brekke is eager and inquisitive, not a promising combination in a hostile war-torn future nor ideal considering Brekke has little to no control over her rampant gifts. For being raised among a cursed village of warriors she is uncharacteristically peaceful. Her mother, Briseis, was a famed warrior who bore her single daughter and vanished before the curse that damned everyone else in her village. No one knows if Briseis is dead or still lives, one thing is certain she never divulged the subject of her daughter’s paternity to anyone not even Brekke. In her village, Brekke is considered the ODD exception to the rule, a black sheep, as that is few have anything to do with her forcing her to rely upon herself for survival.

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Vashti / Brekke

Vashti / Brekke

Posts : 13
Join date : 2012-06-06
Age : 31

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PostSubject: Momentos (of her Mother)   Brekke - Peaceful Renegade EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 9:42 pm

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Brekke - Peaceful Renegade
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