A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Norah Psykes

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Norah Psykes
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The Keeper of Memories
Character Age: 22
Character DOB: July 22nd
Gender: Female
Family: The Psykes a group of psychics with a long lineage of pure blood in order to hold onto this trait
Orientation: Unknown
Race:Human (Akuma DNA lurks)

Village Born:Joki nogakure
Current Village:Joki nogakure
Clan: Psykes
Rank Chunin

Weapons: Weapons made from the Memories she has taken over the years
Element: Water Release, Yang Release
Chakra Color:Purpleish Blue
Special Jutsus:
Mind Body Switch Technique
With it, a ninja sends her mind into a target's body supplanting the target's mind with their own. The user transfers their consciousness to the target, giving them complete control of the body for a short period of time. While in control of the body, the user is able to communicate with the target. As the user propels all of their mental energy, the shooting range and number of hits are considerably limited. It is also possible for the user to switch bodies with the target. This has great strategic value when used on a team-mate as neither body is left incapacitated and they may also make use of the user's abilities as well as their own while doing this. To remain inconspicuous when spying, the user can perform this technique on an animal, such as a hawk, which they can use to do aerial reconnaissance.

Memory Leak Technique
By Using telepathy the user breaks into the mind of his or her opponents and copies memories, he can then erase, replace, or alter the memories in the opponent's mind. This technique varies in usefulness because it can’t be used in live battle very well, as things that happen take time to become memories in a person’s mind, at the same time it can be useful when pooling information together as it can put all the view points of one situation into one persons mind.

Memory Leak Seal Technique
The user seals broken memories inside of a small object ranging from condensed ice that has lost all positive energy, to just about any other solid material.

Memory Leak Restructure Technique
The user uses objects with memories sealed inside of them to reshape that item into a weapon, or the user uses the memory in the item to cause and outside effect, the weapon or effect depends on the memories sealed inside.

Memory Leak Release Technique
The user releases the memories sealed inside of a solid object, this could be to only seal it in a different object or force the memory onto someone else.

Kekkai Genkai:
Psychokinesis (more commonly known as telekinesis) is the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind without physically touching them, especially over long distances. Depending on the user's skill and power, they may be able to levitate themselves and other objects (including heavy objects), and form protective shields. This ability being unique to the Psykes blood line

Telepathy: Able to read minds and project ones own thoughts into the minds of others. This ability can only be obtained by a skilled member of Psychokinesis.

Likes: Gum, shiny objects, being lazy, dancing, day dreaming, people falling, and being annoying
Dislikes: Being ignored, people wasting things, losing control, and being told to "shut up"

Biography:|Norah was born on July 22nd into a middle class clan. Both of her parents were shinobi, her older brother, Jerick, and her following in their footsteps. Even as a child she was happy; her spirits never seemed to be down no matter the occasion. Her brother and her were extremely close; he was her best friend; her confidant and they did everything together.

It was her father first. As any other shinobi, he was on a mission when he was killed. She was six and her brother was nine when the daimyo told the family that their father would not be returning home. Even now she remembers how everyone cried; her mother, her brother, her aunt and uncles, even her little cousin, but all she could do was smile. The family tried to pass it off as Norah not understanding what had happened, but she did understand; she just couldn't find it in herself to be sad. There was no doubt in her mind that where ever he was, her father was happy. So why should she have been sad when he was not? It wasn't like she would never see him again; she would just have to wait until her time came to do so.

It was again, eight years later, that the family felt that same pain when Jerick was killed in a small skirmish with a neighboring country. Now that Norah was older, her family had expected her to mourn and cry over her brother's death, especially seeing at how close they were; however, their expectations were not met. Soon the family became weary of and concerned for her. What kind of person was she to not feel remorse and sadness when the closest person to her was killed? Things began to change, people began to act differently towards her, more so than usual. They weren't mean or cruel, but they were cautious around her, as if her cheeriness now bothered them. As much as she loved her home, Norah and her family agreed it would be "good for her health" if Norah left and traveled the world. So that's what she did, simple as that, and she wasn't mad, or even slightly upset; she understood. So she became a ninja that specialized in travel and was often sent on ambassador like missions.

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Norah Psykes
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