A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Hiyoko Kokoro

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Hiyoko Ancer Kokoro
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The spirit of Nature

Character Age: 21
Character DOB: April 9th
Gender: Female
Mother: - (Alive somewhere in the woods off being a free spirit)
Father - (Unkown to me)
Older Sister - Usagi Kokoro (Assumed Dead)
Orientation: Sexual
Race: Akuma

Village Born: Waterfall Village
Current Village: Rogue by force, (Her Allegiance is to Tsurigakure and Her Clan)
Clan: The Defenders
Rank Jounin

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Weapons: Two Handed Broad Sword
Summoning: Two Handed Broad Sword
Element: Yin
Chakra Color: Dark Green
Special Jutsus:
Due to a Subconscious form of telepathy, she gained an ability that allowed her to scan and internalize the knowledge and skills of animals she had been around, giving her the ability to duplicate all of the unique skills each animals possessed. She acquired mental and physical abilities. This technique is always on and was developed as a child, as most Akuma begin developing there abilities at a young age subconciously.

Due to her mother traveling all over the planet, Hiyoko has over 1000 different animals in her arsenal of transformations, she can completely transform into any of these animals, or she can become a human hybrid of any of these animals. She often refers to the animal form as Alpha and the Hybrid form as Beta.

Alpha Form
Hiyoko transforms into an animal completely gaining that animals abilities

Beta Form
Hiyoko transforms aspects of herself gaining abilities of a specific animal

Omega Form
Hiyoko Transforms into a Chimera, where she holds the abilities of at least 50 different animals at one time. This is her strongest technique, but it often goes unused due to the fact that Alpha and Beta are so simplistic and easy going as is.
Kekkai Genkai: None

Likes:All of Gods creatures.... (Wait... there is a god?!)
Dislikes: The Beaten and the Damned

Hiyoko was born in the Waterfall Village, an unmilitarized village, that is primarily used as a peaceful location, or a rouge hide away. Hiyoko had an older sister when she was born, but at some point in her life before she even turned 4 her sister vanished. Her mother always told her that she had to give up her older sister never knowing the reason as to why. Hiyoko would then travel the world with her mother, and she would meet that last of the dragons Hikari, where he spoke to her. He had a wish of her finding her sister one day, and wishing that the odds be forever be in her favor. Her abilities activated that same day, and she continued to travel the world with her mother, gaining knowledge about the world's beasts and animals. She was a master at her technique by the time she was six. At age seven, her mother had to let her go as well, not being able to afford to keep her alive and well. Hiyoko would be put into foster care and would be adopted by ninja from Tsurigakure. She would then join the ninja academy, and advance to Jounin over the next 13 years.

War Ark
When War took over Tsurigakure, Hiyoko refused to follow under him. She instead created a clan of ninja who had lost everything as she had. They called themselves The Defenders and aimed to put a stop to War and other Rouges through out the world. The organization is small currently, Hiyoko as its leader has made no personal connections, she is just the organizer and leader of the operation.

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Hiyoko Kokoro
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