A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 The Cape of Phasing

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The Cape of Phasing Empty
PostSubject: The Cape of Phasing   The Cape of Phasing EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 8:02 pm

A series of three stages, call forth challengers to reach the gate of wisdom.
And so another Trinity gate has revealed itself, this time in the ancient Akuma Labyrinth, a maze with three different floors. The first floor being a solid maze with walls, the second floor being a resting zone. The third floor being an even harder maze. Several mechanized cubes hung suspended in the air via chains. Each cube moving in a way that would have an effect on all the other cubes, a simple puzzle that even the youngest of children have solved, but the puzzle was not built for difficulty for one person, it was built so that one person could battle another person on the puzzle and have the loser fall to his death. The gate being at the very peak of the area. By sending one cube to touch another cube, this would cause other cubes to descend to the depths below. A 1000 meter drop, would lead to a mortals death.

All of sudden a bright light burst through the trinity gate and a shadowy figure stood on the other side looking into the world unable to enter it. "I seek a key holder... one powerful enough to use me... a test is needed..." The shadow then revealed a cape and threw it out on the other side, where the cape caused a star to explode, above it revealing its location to all. The cape then hovered in front of the gate surrounded by a black aura.

War soon put out a beacon to anyone willing to go after this artifact, stating he would pay handsomely, rouges and ninja villages alike would come to and take on the challenge of finding the location, and then fighting anyone else who would seek said artifact. Some seek to discover its powers for themselves, others simply wish to get paid.
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The Cape of Phasing
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