A mysterious Force has attacked two villages, the other villages must prepare themselves... no one can figure out who will be attacked next.
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 Vashti Amereta

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Vashti / Brekke

Vashti / Brekke

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Vashti Amereta Pathfi10

Vashti Amereta 14736110

☣Character Age: Unknown (appears to be in her Middle 30’s)
☣Character DOB: Unknown
☣Gender: Female
☣Family: War (Significant Other) (Unknown if there are others)
☣Orientation: Heterosexual
☣Race: Human
☣Village Born: Jikangakure
☣Current Village: Unknown
☣Clan: None
*Affliation: War
☣Rank: Jonin

☣Weapons: Blade, Spear, and Ranged,
☣Summoning: N/A
☣Element: Water / Wind / Ice
☣Special Jutsus: Coming Soon
☣Kekkai Genkai: Coming Soon
☣Chakra Color: Silvery Blue

☣Likes: Efficiency, Punctuality
☣Dislikes: Wasting Time

☣Biography: She was found dead by starvation, subjugated by the harsh elements surrounding her. Upon her resurrection it was discovered that she was unable to remember most of her former life, a time a thousand years previous in which she was, for a time, beloved of the traitor who damned her clan and progeny . . .
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Vashti Amereta
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